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Menu - Gomen Kudasai Japanese Restaurant
Gomen-Kudasai Japanese Noodles
Most items on our menu are or can be served as vegan-friendly and/or gluten-free. Ask Youko!
Please note: For parties of 6 or more, we ask that you kindly make a reservation in advance. 20% gratuity is included on your bill. For parties of 8 or more, please see the party menu (at the bottom).
Want Gomen to go? Wholesale food to-go available at Earthgoods in downtown New Paltz!

Appetizer Menu

Soup Menu

Miso Soup of the day, organic 3.50

Miso Soup of the day, org.(kids only) 2

Clear Soup, org.w/wakame 3.50

Clear Soup, org.w/egg 4

Clear Soup, org.w/org.silken tofu 4

Vegetables Menu

Edamame 5

Steamed Broccoli w/GKD* 5

Steamed Baby Bok Choy w/GKD* 5

Korean Kimchee 4.50

Gardiner Kimchee 5

Assorted Pickles 5

Bowl of Rice white or brown 1.50

Tofu Menu

Hiyayakko 5
chilled organic silken tofu

Madofu 7
organic silken tofu w/3 toppings: ginger, scallion, & dried shrimp (walnuts for V)

Big Madofu Plate (9 pc) 15

Agedashi Dofu 7
deep fried org.tofu w/ tentsuyu sauce & grated radish

Dumplings Menu

Shumai 7
pork, shrimp & vege.

Gyoza 7
house dumpling, turkey & vege.

Harumaki Vegetable Spring Roll 7

Gomen Specialties Menu

Shake 6
broiled salmon fillet

deep fried chicken

Tonkatsu 7
deep fried pork cutlet 

Tempura Vegetable 11

Tmpura Lux 15
vegetable & shrimp

Stir Fried Vegetables for Two 10

w/tofu 12

w/chicken 12

w/pork 12

w/beef 14

w/shrimp 14

Salad Menu

Gomen House Salad, org.w/GKD* 7

Seaweed Salad, org.w/GKD* 7

Japanese Potato Salad 6

Dinner Set Menu

choice of white or brown rice + All dinner set served w/org. & vegan miso soup of the day

Onigiri Dinner Set 14
3 assorted rice ball, hiyayakko org. tofu w/ grated ginger & bonito flakes

Shake Dinner Set 15
Broiled salmon filet, bowl of rice, w/ house-made pickles & org. mesclun salad

Vege. Tempura Dinner Set 15
Vege. temura, bowl of rice, w/ house-made pickles

Tempura Dinner Set Deluxe 18
Vege. & shrimp (2pc) temura, bowl of rice w/house-made pickles

Tonkatsu Dinner Set 17
Pork cutle, bowl of rice, w/ house-made pickles & org. mesclun salad

Gyoza Dinner Set (6pc) 15
House-made turkey & vege. gyoza dumplings, bowl of rice, w/ house-made pickles & org. mesclun salad

Shumai Dinner Set (6pc) 15
Kobe style pork, shrimp & vege. shumai, bowl of rice, w/ house-made pickles & org. mesclun salad

Harumaki Dinner Set (6pc) 15
Vege. spring roll, bowl of rice, w/ house-made pickles & org. mesclun salad

Tatsuta’age Chicken Dinner¬†16
Fried chicken, bowl of rice, w/ house-made pickles & org. mesclun salad

Sweets Menu

Mochi Ice Cream 3
Green tea or Adzuki red bean

Ice Cream 4
Green tea or Adzuki red bean

Green tea & red bean ice pop 3

Wagashi w/cup of tea 4
choice of Warabi Mochi, Yokan, or Kalinto

Kabocha Yokan 5
House-made, Nov~Mar

Special Kanten, Vegan jello 5
House-made, Apr~Oct

Dessert Sampler 6
Mochi ice cream, Warabi mochi & Yokan

Dairy Free Dessert Sampler 6
Yokan, Warabi mochi & Amanatto

Matcha Roll 5
Green tea roll cake served w/green tea ice cream

Soba Noodles Menu

Hot Soba Noodle Soup Menu

Kake Soba 7

Wakame Soba 8

Kimuchi Soba 8.50
spicy nappa pickles

Negitama Soba 9
egg & scallion

Kitsune Soba 9
braised sweet tofu

Sansai Soba 9
wild vegetables

Niku Soba 10
sliced beef & onion

Buta Kimiuchi Soba 10
pork & kimuchi

Vege. Tempura Soba 12

Tempura Soba Deluxe w/shrimp 15

Cold Soba Noodle Dish Menu

Zaru Soba w/special dipping sauce 7.50

Ten Zaru Soba w/vege. tempura 13

w/vege.& shrimp tempura 17

Bukkake Orohi Soba 8
grated radish

Bukkake Ume Soba 8.50
org. ume paste

Bukkake Natto Soba 9
fermented soy

Bukkake Kimuchi Soba 9
spicy pickles

Bukkake Sansai Soba 9
wild vege.

Stir-Fried Egg Noodle Dish Menu

Yaki Soba w/ vege 9

Yaki Soba w/ vege & tofu 11

Yaki Soba w/ vege & chicken 11

Yaki Soba w/ vege & pork 11

Yaki Soba w/ vege & beef 13

Yaki Soba w/ vege & shrimp 13

Udon Noodles Menu

Hot Udon Noodle Soup Menu

Kake Udon 7

Wakame Udon 8

Kimuchi Udon 8.50
spicy nappa pickles

Negitama Udon 9
egg & scallion

Kitsune Udon 9
braised sweet tofu

Sansai Udon 9
wild vegetables

Niku Udon 10
sliced beef & onion

Buta Kimuchi Udon 10
pork & kimuchi

Vege. Tempura Udon 12

Tempura Udon Deluxe w/shrimp 15

Sukiyaki Udon sliced beef & vege 14

Nabeyaki Udon hot pot 16
 w/chicken & vege.

Nabeyaki Udon for 2 25

Cold Udon Noodle Dish Menu

Zaru Udon w/special dipping sauce 7.50

Ten Zaru Udon w/vege. tempura 13

w/vege.& shrimp tempura 17

Bukkake Orohi Udon w/grated radish 8

Bukkake Kimuchi Udon w/spicy pickles 8.50

Bukkake Sansai Udon w/wild vege. 9

Bukkake Ume Udon w/org. ume paste 9

Bukkake Natto Udon w/fermented soy 9

Stir-Fried Udon Noodle Dish Menu

Yaki Udon w/ vege 9

Yaki Udon w/ vege & tofu 11

Yaki Udon w/ vege & chicken 11

Yaki Udon w/ vege & pork 11

Yaki Udon w/ vege & beef 13

Yaki Udon w/ vege & shrimp 13

For Kids Only Menu

Under 12

Kids Onigiri Dinner w/org. miso soup 9
3 assorted rice balls, org. mesclun salad, potato salad & edamame

Kids Tatsuta’age Chicken Dinner¬†8
w/org. miso soup Fried chicken, rice, org. mesclun salad, potato salad & edamame

Rice Dishes

Onigiri Menu

rice ball, choice of white or brown rice

Ume 2.25
org. umeboshi plum paste

Goma 2.25
roasted sesame seeds

Shake 2.25
broiled salmon

Kombu 2.25
house-made braised seaweed

Bowl Of Rice

choice of white or brown rice

Plain Rice 1.50

Plain Rice for Kids 1

Rice w/ Nori 2

Rice w/ Nori for Kids 1.50

Rice w/ Frikake 2

Rice w/ Frikake for Kids 1.50

Rice w/ Natto 4.50

Rice w/ Ume Natto 5.50

Donburi Dish Menu

large bowl of rice w/ your choice of toppings, served w/org. & vegan miso soup of the day and house-made pickles + choice of white or brown rice

Shake-Don 13
broiled salmon & nori

Oyako-Don 14
chicken, onion, shiitake & egg

Gyu-Don sin 14
sliced beef, onion & moyashi

Katsu-Don 15
pork cutlet & egg

Spicy Tuna-Don 15
spicy raw tuna (med hot)

Sukiyaki-Don 16
sin sliced beef, tofu & vege.

Ten-Don 14
vege. tempura

Ten-Don Deluxe 17
vege. & shrimp tempura

Drinks Menu

Hot Teas Menu

Sencha Green tea Cup 1 Pot 3. 50

Sencha, Org Cup 1.50 Pot 4.50

Sencha, Decaf Cup 1.50 Pot 4.50

Genmai Tea Cup 1 Pot 3. 50
Brown rice tea 

Genmai Tea, Org Cup 1.50 Pot 4.50

Genmai Tea, Decaf Cup 1.50 Pot 4.50

Hoji Tea Cup 1 Pot 3. 50
Roasted green tea

Jasmine Tea Cup 1 Pot 3. 50

Oolong Tea Cup 1 Pot 3. 50

Barley Tea 4.50

Yuzu Tea Cup 2.50
Citrus tea, sweetened

Ginger Tea Cup 2.50

Coffee Cup 2

Coffee, Decaf Cup 2

Cold Beverages Menu

Cold green tea summer time only 2.50

Cold barley tea summer time only 2.50

Cold ginger tea summer time only 2.50

Apple cider, hot or cold 2.50

Calpico, imported cultured drink 3

Cow milk, 100% org. cold or hot 3

Soy milk, 100% org. cold or hot 3

Ramune 200ml 3

Pomegranates Spritzer, Org., SanCru 3.25

Lemon Lime Spritzer, Org., SanCru 3.25

Orange Mango, Org., SanCru 3.25

Ginger Ale, Org., SanCru 3.25

Sparkling cold green tea, Steaz 3

Root beer, Steaz 3

Iced Tea, Peach 3.25

Lemonata Spritzer, Sanpelle 3

Aranciata Rossa Spritzer, Sanpelle 3

Green tea latté, 100% Org. soy or cow 4.50

w/ice cream 5

Sanpellegrino 500ml 2.75 750ml 4

Bottled water 500ml 1.75 710ml 2.50

Vruite, apple & carrots 3

Cold Green Tea, Ito-En 3.50

Cold Jasmine Tea, Ito-En 3.50

Gomen-Kudasai Party Menu (8 or more)

Edamame, 3 pt 8

Chicken Tatsuta’age, 3 pt¬†16

Spring roll, vegetarian, 3 pt 16

Shumai, 3pt 16

Gyoza, house-made, 3 pt 16

Madof, org. tofu, 3 pt 16

Hiyayakko, org. tofu, 4 pt 15

Agedashidofu, org. tofu, 3 pt 16

Gomen Salad, org., 3 pt 16

Seaweed Salad, 3 pt 16

Baby Bok Choy, 3 pt 12

Broccoli, 3 pt 12

Assorted pickles, 3 pt 12

Kimuchi, 3 pt 12

Entrée dishes require min. of 3 same order